Get Ready For Dog Tales II
A Word From The Author

To the loving fans who have been eagerly awaiting Dog Tales II, and to those soon to be loyal new fans WELCOME to the final installment in the continuing saga "For the Love of Dog Tales II".

The first installment introduced characters of heartfelt, loving and comedic design. We are extremely happy and enthusiastic about the completion and presentation of this dramatic, unflinching and truly dynamic second installment.

Dog Tales II includes a welcome surprise return of a few pivotal endearing characters who vigorously step into the forefront to share their own personal back stories.

At this juncture I would like to say thanks again to our new fans, who if they are so inspired could jump onboard now to read the first book for pleasure and continuity of those returning characters.

In Closing, I have pulled out all the stops for this book and dedicated my all to create stellar stories full of entertainment and heart wrenching inspiration. Inspiration to linger for years to come for you - fans, friends and lovers of enriching storytelling. 

So settle back, the long wait is almost finally over. 

Please enjoy your .99 cent special copy of "For the Love of Dog Tales"!


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